I read a lot. Reading is my way out of here. By which I mean: life can be hard, it’s not always what we want it to be, but books make it easier. Whether it’s through uplifting fiction that sends me to a happier place, or through books that present the stories of other people’s lives and help me gain perspective about my own, books are my escape route.

I used to average 60 books a year, but in December 2014 I started commuting to work by public transport. This bought me an extra 40 minutes of reading time that book ended (sorry!) my working day. Not only did it help me switch off from work, but it meant that when I got home I was more likely to carry on reading than turn the TV on or lose myself in the endless bright lights of the internet. In 2015, I read 80 books.

I’ve also started following a blog called The Reader’s Room, which offers regular reviews with a slight bias towards Boxall’s 1001 Books to Read Before You Die, as well as fun reading challenges. It’s a good place to find recommendations and talk about the books you’re reading.

This year, despite having 109 books of my own on my To Be Read pile (tsundoku, anyone?), I rejoined my local library, so now I have an infinite number of books to read.

This blog is going to be a collection of my book thoughts. Since early in January 2014, I’ve been jotting down notes as I’m reading. For longer or more difficult books, I find it helps get things straight in my mind, helps me elucidate how I’m feeling about the book. Sometimes I’ll post straight reviews on the blog, other times it will be my random jottings. It won’t include everything I’ve read, only those books I think are worth talking about. Feel free to respond with your own thoughts, but be polite. Reading is pleasure, there’s no need to be rude or antagonistic. If you’re either of those things, I’ll simply block you.

Elsewhere, you can find me on LibraryThing, where I catalogue my books haphazardly and take part in the 50 Book Challenge. I am on Goodreads as well, but I prefer LT. When I post random jottings, I’ll link to the review I put on LT, because coherent structure is always useful. The book image will contain a link to the book on Amazon or, for works out of copyright, to Project Gutenberg.


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