Read 20/04/2020-26/04/2020

Rating 5 stars

Ice is a post-apocalyptic dystopia full of frozen emotions and Kafkaesque happenings. It’s a difficult book to review. The plot is barely linear, cut through with hallucination and adumbration. There’s an impending climate disaster that influences the action, but at heart it’s an examination of the worst of human nature. And yet it’s not entirely grim, either. Continue reading


Swing Time


Read 11/04/2020-20/04/2020

Rating 3 stars

Zadie Smith’s Swing Time is a sprawling tale of how two girls’ lives intersect and separate over the years. It’s about growing up poor but aspirational, a tale of friendship and rivalry, and of the inadequacies of adulthood. Continue reading



Read 05/04/2020-11/04/2020

Rating 3 stars

I don’t remember buying Elmet. I don’t remember anyone buying it for me, either (my apologies if it was you). And yet it’s a book that I found that I owned while digging through my piles of books to be read, back at the start of this period of viral pandemic and social distancing that isn’t even four weeks ago yet. Continue reading