Edge of the Sky


Read 12/12/2015-13/12/2015

Rating: 3 stars

Read for The Reader’s Room Winter Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Reading The Edge of the Sky felt awkward and contrived at times, poetic at others. It also had an overarching sense of self-satisfaction. At first I found my brain was distracted trying to reverse translate the author’s metaphors back into language that I understood more instinctively, but gradually I settled into the rhythm of this new way of describing things. I liked the explanation of how the universe expanded and how the light travelling to us from the early moments of the universe can be interpreted by scientists. I’m still no clearer on space-time, though, and I wasn’t fully engaged with the dark matter metaphors. I think I might be the wrong audience for this book, but I don’t know who the intended audience is. 8 year olds? Aliens with a limited grasp of one example of many human languages? Continue reading