The Secret Life of Cows


Read 09/01/2019-12/01/2019

Rating 5 stars

Oh, my heart! Rosamund Young expresses everything that I have ever thought about the intensive farming practice in the UK. She has more knowledge than I possess, because Rosamund is a farmer and has chosen a very particular way of raising livestock. The Secret Life of Cows is a chronicle of the adventures of her bovine livestock and their interactions with the other animals who live on the farm, including the humans. Continue reading

Me:Moir Volume One


Read 12/02/2015-14/02/2015

Rating: 4 stars

I spied this book on the bookshelf of a friend one drunken New Year’s Eve not so long ago. I asked if I could borrow it, but was too drunk to remember to bring it home with me once the midnight chimes had rung the new year in and our bodies had pleaded with us to take them home to bed. So I bought my own copy.

I have loved Reeves and Mortimer since they burst onto my late night TV screen in the 1990s. We recently went to see them live on their 25th Anniversary Tour. I ached with laughing so hard. Continue reading