The Restraint of Beasts


Read 25/04/2017-26/04/2017

Rating: 3.5 stars

I’m making my way through Magnus Mills’s back catalogue in a random manner. It suits the structured randomness of his writing.

The Restraint of Beasts was Mills’s debut. I’m finding it difficult to define as a novel. Is it whimsy? Is it satire? Is it crime? Whatever it is, it’s about an Englishman employed in Scotland as a fence layer. Continue reading

The Field of the Cloth of Gold


Read 24/04/2017

Rating: 3 stars

In an unnamed country, alongside an unnamed river, a tented community grows. The first settler is Hen. Then comes the unnamed narrator. A third man, Thomas, joins. He has a fancy octagonal tent. Then Isabella arrives with her red tent and her penchant for swimming naked in the river. It’s a community of individuals who do little but lead a quiet life in their tents alongside the bend in the river. But then a fully formed society arrives, organised and structured, and putting noses out of joint among the existing residents. Continue reading