Random Thoughts on Lockdown 6


I thought I’d finished with these random rambles about not going out, but July is a long time ago. Much can change in these weird old times between breakfast and what you probably call lunch but I call dinner. Since my last post in this accidental series, I’ve been reading, obviously, and working, mostly from home with the occasional trip into work. I’ve had a couple of trips out of the house, and a bit of a meltdown. Continue reading

Random Thoughts: Libraries gave us power, we should use it effectively


I’ve read a couple of things about the need to protect and fund libraries properly this morning. The first thing was Nikesh Shukla’s column in The Observer. The second was a Twitter thread by Stephen McGann, brought to my attention by Cathy of Cathy Reads Books. Continue reading

Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore


Read 03/01/2016-05/01/2016

Rating: 4 stars

Read for the Reader’s Room Winter Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Robin Sloan has written a wonderful, funny, heartwarming book. I’ve loved books since I can remember (I think I’ve said before that my Mum worked in a library and I genuinely can’t recall not being able to read). I’ve been fascinated and terrified by second hand book shops since I was about 10 and realised just how many books there are in the world and how very old some of them are. I’ve loved typography since my brother started his apprenticeship as a printer and came home full of knowledge about typefaces. This book hit lots of happy buttons for me. It’s a great story, with lots of flights of fancy but enough realism to make them believable. Continue reading