Random Thoughts: European Book Tour

Political map of Europe from vidiani.com

I’ve been perusing my stack of books that I have yet to read, and have decided that I’m going on another book trip. I enjoyed “holidaying” over the summer via the books I’d bought on recent holidays. As it’s unlikely that I’ll get to Europe for a while (thanks pandemic, thanks Brexit), I thought I’d knock a few titles off the stack that are by European authors and head off on a virtual tour of the continent.

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The Castle


Read 10/09/2014-26/09/2014

Rating: 3 stars (upgraded to 4 stars)

My husband owns pretty much everything Kafka wrote that has been published. Before I met him,  I’d only read Metamorphosis. My husband finds my view of this novella as a great comic creation slightly controversial. It is funny, though. Poor Gregor Samsa, trapped in the body of a cockroach, ignored by his family, trying to climb the walls, it does make me laugh.

One wet Saturday a couple of years ago, we were visiting the West Yorkshire Bohemia of Hebden Bridge. A book fair was on, and I picked up a copy of The Castle for a quid. I thought I ought to read something else by Kafka, so why not his unfinished novel about the snake-eating-tail bureaucracy of a village that lies in the shadow of an unattainable Castle? It’s the thing living nightmares are made of. What’s not to delight? Continue reading