Six Degrees of Separation: from The Poisonwood Bible to Labyrinths

The Poisonwood Bible starts May’s Six Degrees, hosted at Books Are My Favourite and Best. Last month I celebrated the joys of lending books. This month I’ll be rueing the giving away of books. Continue reading




Read 17/05/2016

Rating: 3 stars

I changed my library books today. One of the books I chose turned out to be children’s fiction mis-shelved in the adult fiction section.

Rooftoppers is a magical mix of The Silver Sword, The Summer Book and Tom’s Midnight Garden, shot through with the child-like wonder of Amélie. Continue reading

The Family from One End Street


Read 02/01/2016-03/01/2016

Rating: 5 stars

Read for The Reader’s Room Winter Scavenger Hunt Challenge

The Family From One End Street is a British children’s classic, and a book I read and re-read as a child, repeatedly borrowing it from the library. Eve Garnett did a brave thing for the time in taking the things she saw of the lives of poor children living in London in the 1920s and writing a children’s book that acknowledged that poverty but showed that working class parents loved and protected their children as much as middle class parents, and that children have the same love of adventure no matter where they sit in the social structure. Many publishers turned the manuscript down, but eventually it was published and Garnett beat Tolkien’s The Hobbit to win the Carnegie Medal. Continue reading