10 Books of Summer


Cathy is running the summer reading challenge that aims to clear some books off your To Read pile again this year – hooray! I’m joining in with my usual ten book goal. As a target, it worked out well for me last year, despite being fooled by some tiny old books into thinking they were short reads. I only missed my goal by one. I’m confident that I’ll hit my goal this year, though, especially since I’ve averaged a book a week so far.

The challenge runs from 1 June to 1 September and you can find out more about what’s involved in Cathy’s introductory post on 746 Books. The main rule is that the rules aren’t tightly binding. So if you choose a book and then don’t fancy it, it’s more than okay to swap it for something else. Or if you have a bit of a reading slump and your target starts to feel like a stretch, then you should feel free to recalibrate to something more realistic. As long as something gets cleared off the To Read pile, you’re golden.

My To Read pile currently stands at 157, which I’ve a feeling is what it was this time last year. At least that means that I’ve read as many books as I’ve bought in the past 12 months!

Last year, I was missing going on holiday, so made a virtue of reading books I’d picked up on previous holidays. This year, I’m still missing going on holiday, but I don’t have a theme. I’ve selected books from my pre-existing LibraryThing tag “To Read in 2022”. It’s a mix of books I’ve had for years that I really should get round to reading alongside more recent acquisitions, and it’s slightly weighted towards short story collections because I’ve found novels a bit of a struggle so far this year.

Here’s my list, in order of how long I’ve owned them, from longest ago to most recent:

  1. The Human Fly and Other Stories, T Coraghessan Boyle (my review)
  2. The Tokyo Zodiac Murders, Soji Shimada (my review)
  3. Notes from Childhood, Norah Lange (my review) REPLACING The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen for Women in Translation Month
  4. Breasts and Eggs, Mieko Kawakami (my review) REPLACING The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead for Women in Translation Month
  5. The Box Man, Kobo Abe (my review)
  6. Staying Home: Short Stories, Liz Champion, Dipika Mummery, Michelle Lawson, Jess Woo (my review)
  7. Variations, Juliet Jacques (my review)
  8. Ways of Living, Gemma Seltzer (my review)
  9. Jolts, Fernando Sdrigotti (my review)
  10. Many People Die Like You, Lina Wolff (my review)

I’ll update this page with links to reviews as I finish each title.

If you think you might take part this year, let Cathy know by posting a link to your list in the comments on the intro post, and make sure you use the tag #20booksofsummer22. Even if, like me, you’re not aiming for 20 books!

Good luck to anyone else taking part!

Extra books that fell into my reading path over the summer:

  1. What Concerns Us, Laura Vogt (my review)
  2. Into the Wilds anthology (my review)
  3. The Dance Tree, Kiran Millwood Hargrave (my review)
  4. The Fell, Sarah Moss (my review)

20 thoughts on “10 Books of Summer

  1. Nice list Jan! I have a copy of the Tokyo Zodiac Murders so I’ll be keen to hear how you get on and I’ve been meaning to read TC Boyle for years. I didn’t get on with The Box Man at all, so will be interested to see what you make of it. Thanks so much for joining in! Happy reading!

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    1. The Box Man was a gift from Mr Hicks. I’ve been a bit wary of it, because the blurb makes it sound a bit disturbing, and I had mixed feelings about The Woman in the Dunes when I read that. I’ve read one TC Boyle short story – She Wasn’t Soft – and loved it, which is why I bought The Human Fly. I then left it on my bookshelf for a couple of decades! I picked up The Tokyo Zodiac Murders after reading an article in the Guardian about Japanese ‘honkaku’ stories that mentioned it. It sounded a bit like the true crime books in David Peace’s Tokyo Trilogy, and I’m looking forward to reading it.
      Now I’ve got my list, I’m itching for June to arrive, even though I’ve got a couple of books I’m also keen to read before the challenge starts.

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