Dewithon 2021

Happy Saint David’s Day! Or rather, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

I’m joining in with Paula’s annual Wales Readathon, hosted at her Book Jotter site. For the month of March, I’ll try to read as many books by Welsh authors, writers who have spent a substantial part of their lives in Wales, or books that draw upon Welsh literature and folklore as I can manage.

There’s usually a read-along book for the Dewithon, but this year is different to last and so the usual discussion of a set work isn’t part of the readathon. Paula has suggested reading Jan Morris’s anthology of Welsh stories.

My selection of books that I’ll attempt to read this March is as follows:

  • A Glastonbury Romance / John Cowper Powys (reviewed here)
  • Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere / Jan Morris (review here)
  • Them: Adventures with Extremists / Jon Ronson (maybe next year)

John Cowper Powys wasn’t Welsh, I know, but he’s a writer who falls into the category of someone who made Wales their home and then incorporated Welsh literature and folklore into their work. The book I’ve chosen isn’t set in Wales, but it’s the first of five of his books that has Welsh mythology at its heart, focusing as it does on the Welsh aspect to the Grail legend.

The Morris I’ve chosen because Paula’s suggested book isn’t available at my library. I haven’t read anything by Jan Morris, and this volume about her love for the Italian city she first knew as a soldier in the second world war and returned to throughout her life appealed to me for its combination of memoir, travelogue and literary history.

Jon Ronson’s Them has been sitting on my Kindle for a while. I feel as though the immediacy of recent Western politics affords it a read in 2021.

Will you join in with Dewithon this year?

Unplanned Extras

  • How Grey Was My Valley (Mor Llwyd Oedd Fy Nghwm) / Peter Halliday (review here)
  • The Owl Service / Alan Garner (review here)
  • The Life of Rebecca Jones / Angharad Price (review here)

10 thoughts on “Dewithon 2021

    1. I’m picky about which I do these days, Margaret, for exactly those reasons. I enjoy Dewithon and 20 Books of Summer because I can usually pick a few books off my To Read pile and neither one feels like a pressure because neither Paula nor Cathy, the respective hosts, is that kind of person. You can read as many or as few books as you want with both.

      I did an Olympics reading challenge once, where participants were grouped into teams to collectively strategise and maximise on the challenges – that was more stress than pleasure for me!

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  1. I have a modest aim this year – just one review from me for Dewithon and I’ll be happy. Your choices are intriguing, Jan. I’ll be very interested in your reactions to this trio.


    1. I’m nearing the end of A Glastonbury Romance, Sandra. It’s been unusual. I’m very much looking forward to Trieste. I might slip in a slim purchase, too, that arrived after I posted this.

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