8 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation – from The Beauty Myth to Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

  1. I think your perception of what The Beauty Myth was about was a very common one (perhaps that was what the publicity focused on? I remember thinking similar things to you before I read it).
    Anyway, I loved your links to beauty industry and branding – I think you were the only one to do that this month!


      1. And I suspect that was the easiest message to sell at the time – nice to know that we have progressed a little and can now talk about body image in broader terms (or can we?!).


  2. I still haven’t done one of these, though I keep meaning to. I’m catching up on your posts and it’s so funny that you mention “completer-finisher anxiety” because I just mentioned the same thing in my most recent post.

    I’ve intended to read The Beauty Myth for a long time, but still haven’t. I know what you mean about getting an impression that totally turns you off, even after the impression’s been corrected (but of course now that I’m trying to remember what books I’ve done that with, I can’t).

    I’ve never read the other Naomi either, but a further coincidence is that I just picked up one of her books (The Shock Doctrine) earlier this morning. It looks very much up my alley as well. I’m the same way about brands: loyal to ones that have earned it, but not interested otherwise, and I don’t like to wear logos either. I’m also comically hostile to advertising, especially TV commercials and internet ads. If they’re emotionally manipulative, fear-mongering, sexist, or any of the other things that advertisements usually are, I will make a point of NOT buying that brand whenever possible.


    1. I’ve got catching up to do, too, but that is funny that you’ve blogged about completer-finisher anxiety.

      And as for your final paragraph, I sometimes wonder if we share some DNA somewhere back in our ancestry, we think such similar things. You should hear my rants during the ad breaks.

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      1. Ha! Same here. I don’t watch regular TV anymore, but if Mike ever does, I make him mute the commercial breaks (just like my mom used to do, which drove my siblings and me crazy when we were growing up).

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