Women Read Women Update 6


At the end of March, I set myself a personal reading challenge. So, how did I do in September?

I’m six months into this challenge. September was another 9 book month. 50% of what I read was by women, if you take into account the anthology of Brazilian writing I read for the Olympics challenge I was on.

Only two of the books I read were by authors I’d read before. Lesley Downer’s The Shogun’s Queen is a fun piece of historical romance. I didn’t really like Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, however.

Stand out book of the month was Wild. I had an unexpectedly shattering reaction to that book. It’s a great book even without having it turn your world upside down and making you realise that you’re a fucking mess inside. Better than the film.

An unexpected treat was Chris Flynn’s The Glass Kingdom. I bought it on a whim and really enjoyed it. It was deliciously dark without being disturbing.

I struggled with the reading different challenge. I didn’t deliberately select anything that fit the spirit of the challenge.

I’m away in Japan for 15 days this month, so I expect my October update will be very different!


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