Women Read Women Update 2


At the end of March, I set myself a personal reading challenge. So, how have I done in my second month of trying?

I made a conscious effort this month, choosing books by women from my TBR and borrowing more books by women from the library. My overall LibraryThing stat for Male vs Female hasn’t really changed. I allocated genders to a bunch of authors that were in gender limbo on common knowledge, so the male proportion has gone up slightly to 66.39%. BUT! I’ve completed 10 books again this month and 6 of them were written by women. That’s twice as many as last month. All six were by different women, compared with only two female authors last month. Of the books written by men, two had strong female characters.

My favourites written by women this month were Their Eyes Were Watching God and Half of a Yellow Sun. They really made me think about other people’s lives, particularly as they were about African-American and African women, respectively. My other favourite was The Shadow Girls, which had five strong female characters.

I’ve added another challenge as well, thanks to The Reader’s Room and their Read Different Challenge. I don’t consciously choose many books by or about people with a disability, either physical or mental, so I’m going to try to change that. I’m not sure where to start, short of a brutal Google search*, so if any of my fellow readers have recommendations, feel free to chip in in the comments!


*I have done such a search and found a Guardian article from 2013 by the playwright Kaite O’Reilly that makes a few suggestions. My husband has Born On A Blue Day, so I might start with that.


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