The Sixth Gun Volume 4


Read 30/05/2016

Rating: 4 stars

I couldn’t resist buying the next trade paperback in this series, after gobbling up volumes 1-3 last week.

This grouping of six stories didn’t feel as strong in terms of plot development as the previous three trades, but what I liked most about it was the silent fourth chapter (issue 21) and Mr Tyler Crook’s illustration of the sixth chapter (issue 23).

The six issues gathered in volume four do move the story on, of course, but it didn’t feel as fast paced as what had gone before. I suppose all good stories need lulls in the action to allow more nuanced aspects of the story to develop. There were a couple of very interesting developments that needed a little quiet to sink in. Bunn’s writing is as good as ever and, while I liked the change in style brought by Crook, I prefer Hurtt’s illustrations in the context of this story. The faces Crook gives to the characters are too cuddly!

In this trade, the action moves to twin towns called Penance, run by two brothers at war with each other over access to the local water supply. The citizens of both towns are addicted to something in the water, which seems to be coming from the Knights of Solomon’s underground enclave. Becky comes into her own after her experience with The Sword of Abraham, taking control of her destiny, hunting down Drake to rescue him, and fearless in the face of hostile men. Fearless, but still gullible.
Issue 21 is incredible. There isn’t a single piece of dialogue. Everything is conveyed through gesture and expression. The Sixth Gun seems to have taken possession of Becky and she is a woman possessed. She releases Drake from his imprisonment and together they fight their way out of the subterranean town commanded by the Knights of Solomon.
No Gord in this volume, but he’s promised in the preview to the next. Yes!

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