Read 08/01/2016-09/01/2016

Rating: 3.5 stars

Read for the Reader’s Room Winter Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Revenge is a collection of short stories from the author of Hotel Iris and The Housekeeper and the Professor. Each story stands on its own, but is also linked to one or more of the others, whether by a place, a person or, in one instance, the pages of the short story collection itself. There is an uncomfortable undercurrent to some of the stories, akin to that in Hotel Iris. Ogawa’s skill with language makes each one seem gentle, almost harmless, so that the horror revealed so calmly feels more unsettling.

It is beautifully written, many of the stories are unsettling, but for me there was something lacking – perhaps it needed to be woven more tightly into a novel, perhaps the short stories needed a little more depth. I felt as though I was floating on the surface, never truly immersed. I found myself wishing Ogawa had written it as a novel. For me, it would have been more satisfying that way. A three course meal instead of a buffet.

4 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. I just brought this home from the library this week! I’m both apprehensive and looking forward to it. I finally read The Diving Pool and liked it even better than The Housekeeper and the Professor.


    1. Wow, that’s quite a recommendation for The Diving Pool! I loved The Housekeeper and the Professor so much. It’s on my wish list. I hope you enjoy Revenge.


      1. I liked The Housekeeper and the Professor, but I think you feel more strongly about it than I do, so the comparison may not be accurate for you—but I do think you’ll like The Diving Pool, too.


      2. Yes, possibly. The subject matter of The Housekeeper and the Professor is quite close to home for me. I’m sure I’ll like The Diving Pool, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by her so far, in different ways. She seems very varied as a writer.


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