Snow Crash


Read 01/12/2015-03/12/2015

Rating: 3 stars

Read for The Reader’s Room Winter Scavenger Hunt Challenge, day 1 – an author who shares your birthday.

I really enjoyed Snow Crash. It was a high octane read. It was interesting to read it 23 years after publication, because it felt very relevant. I’m not a huge gamer, but I watch my husband playing various games that echo the Metaverse. A lot of the time it felt as though it should be a graphic novel, or had possibly been influenced by manga/anime, so it was also interesting to read in the afterword that Neal Stephenson had originally been collaborating on a graphic novel which turned into Snow Crash.

All of the characters were engaging, the theories about language, religion and evolution were plausible rather than half baked, and the action was entertaining. My only criticism is that it took half the book for me to feel immersed in the story. If it had been a mini series, I’d have given up before then.

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