Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage


Read 17/08/2014

Rated: 4 stars

I am biased because I love the way Murakami writes, but I thought this book was wonderful. It has been a while since I have devoured a book in a single day, but once I started, I couldn’t put it down for long. There is a restfulness to Murakami’s prose, like being in a dream and waking up feeling fully refreshed. I found each of the characters well drawn, even the cipher-like Sara. I loved the slow exploration of the relationship between the five friends and the sense of solitude found even in a tight knit circle. Murakami seems to understand that, no matter how close we grow to other people, we are never fully known. Not even to ourselves. I thought the ending perfect, with Tsukuru at a sort of peace, accepting of what might come next. There is a Zen feeling about the ending. Enlightenment has come at last. What I like best about Murakami’s works is the way he presents a story as a snapshot of someone’s life. Just as we can’t possibly know everything about the people we encounter in real life, just as some threads remain loose in reality, so Murakami doesn’t fully close the circle of his tales. But it’s never dissatisfying.

18 August 2014

I couldn’t leave Murakami’s latest alone for very long, and finished it in a day. A rare thing for me these days. I was very hungover yesterday, and it went well with the foggy distractedness inside my brain. When I finished, I was left with a floating feeling of having woken from a deep sleep where I dreamt well. I know he’s not to everyone’s taste, but Murakami makes sense to me.

And yes, I used the stickers that came with the book. Of course I used the stickers that came with the book.

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