The Lathe of Heaven


Read 11/03/2015-14/03/2015

Rating: 4 stars

I acquired this from a well-read friend who was having a clear out. I like having well-read friends who are more inclined to give their books away than I am. Of course, if I gave some books away, I wouldn’t have piles of books in front of book cases or stacked on top of books on book cases.

I hadn’t read anything by Ursula K Le Guin before. What an interesting book to start with. Written the year after I was born and envisaging what would have been future then but is past now. I’m glad that some of the things anticipated by the novel haven’t come to pass, that our over consumption hasn’t broken the earth as quickly as Ms. Le Guin thought probable. But her anticipation of war in Afghanistan in 2002 is uncanny, written 2 years before the coup and 8 years before the USSR invasion that set us on the path to real life 2001. But the book. The book is tense, human, beautiful, gripping, and scary. Part of me wishes I could dream a different reality, put things right, but a bigger part is glad that nobody has the power to dream new realities on a whim. It turns out messily in the book.

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