Map of a Nation: A Biography of the Ordnance Survey


Read 28/02/2015-11/03/2015

Rating: 3 stars

LibraryThing review

8 March 2015

Things I like: placing of significance of map making in contemporary culture – military need, popular culture (poetry, Enlightenment, tourism), social change (road improvements, enclosure, rise of the city), scientific advances in instrument making and mathematics.

Things I dislike: disjointed style, weird asides, it not knowing whether to be serious history or popular history, gossipy tone.

11 March 2015

I wanted Map of a Nation by Rachel Hewitt to be a different book. It was okay. I learned about the development of the Ordnance Survey and some of the men involved. I didn’t feel very engaged, though, and the book suffered from over repetition in the form of regular recaps, as though the reader had as short an attention span as the producers of popular TV culture assume their viewers have.

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